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Canali di Bologna

To better respond to Bologna's needs at the beginning of the third millennium.

Canali di Bologna is the umbrella organisation that the Consorzi dei Canali di Reno e di Savena have created to better respond to Bologna's needs at the beginning of the third millennium.

Hydrogeological safety and environmental quality are the objectives it pursues, a continuous, constant effort that is mostly invisible and yet very useful. Supplying water during dry periods and removing it when there is too much is a daily regulating task, which makes it possible to counteract and mitigate the effects caused by extreme weather.

The effectiveness of these actions basically depends on the quality and frequency of the maintenance of the canals and pipelines, the availability of adequate equipment and experience gained over time. The urban specialisation shared by the consortia - operationally merged into the Canali di Bologna - unites them in satisfying the water and environmental needs of the area affected by the Casalecchio Dam and the San Ruffillo Dam.

A new entity born from the will of those who historically presided over and served the area of Bologna, a practical update to adapt to the times and to respond to the renewed demand of the local community.

Introducing Canali di Bologna

A city of water - Who we are and what we do.

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Our offices

The administrative headquarters of the three consortia is in Via della Grada, 12 Bologna. 
The technical offices are in Via Porrettana 187 in Casalecchio di Reno and in Via Toscana 186 a Bologna. 
More info: phone: +39 051.6493527 - info@canalidibologna.it