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GACRES - Gestione Acque Canali Reno Savena

Via della Grada n. 12, - 40122 - BOLOGNA
051.521025 - 051.5280238

Gestione Acque Canali Reno Savena (G.A.C.R.E.S.)

GESTIONE ACQUE CANALI RENO E SAVENA (G.A.C.R.E.S.) is a limited liability company with registered office in Via della Grada 12, Bologna. The company is instrumental to the actions of the Consorzi dei Canali di Reno e Savena in Bologna and carries out its activities in the interest of the consortia themselves. The organisational choice of the consortia was to establish the company as a shared resource. The choice is based on a desire to create a single context where the skills and abilities acquired by the company in carrying out the activities for one consortium member can be profitable and mutually beneficial even to the other members, thus creating virtuous organisational and operational synergies.

The company is considered by the consortia to be the sole manager and operational arm of the decisions taken by the consortium. The company's purpose is, first of all, to carry out the activities covered by the agreement stipulated between the Area Agency for the public services of Bologna and the three consortia on 28 October 2008, one having the purpose of regulating the relations between the consortia themselves, as owners of private works suitable for collecting and regulating most of the rainwater and runoff from the city of Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno and Castel Maggiore, and the bodies responsible for the integrated public service; secondly, the company undertakes to carry out the activities determined by the agreement stipulated between the consortia and the operator of the integrated public service, namely HERA SpA, and signed on 8 October 2009 to regulate the operational relationship.

The company therefore has the purpose of safeguarding, monitoring, cleaning and preserving the ancient Casalecchio and San Ruffillo Dams and related works, the Reno and Savena Canals, all other canals and consortia waterworks as well as any other related artefact; executing all related ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for everything falling under its responsibility; acting as water police. The company undertakes to concentrate most of its activities to the advantage of its shareholders, whose prior consent is necessary for those special and justified cases in which the company performs work for third parties.


More specifically, the company's purpose is to carry out the following activities:

The company is expressly prohibited from collecting savings from the public or purchasing from or selling to the public financial instruments regulated by the T.U.I.F. (Consolidated Act on financial brokerage) (Italian Legislative Decree no. 58 dated 24/2/1998), or acquiring shareholdings, granting financing in any form whatsoever, providing payment services or foreign exchange intermediation or any other activity with respect to the public as referred to in art. 106 T.U.L.B. (Consolidated Law on Banking) (Italian Legislative Decree no. 385 dated 1/9/1993).

Any activity that is reserved for members of professional associations is also strictly prohibited.

Governing bodies

Adriana Giamperoli

Board of Directors
Composed of 3 members

Adriana Giamperoli
Sandro Artina
Pier Luigi Bottino

Andrea Bolognesi