Notte Blu

The city is flooded with events

For some years now there has been a certain level of interest among the inhabitants of Bologna and tourists with respect to the history of the waterways and the underground network of the city of Bologna and vicinity. The public has shown a great deal of curiosity and a desire to rediscover this part of the city that is known by few, hidden and unexplored but of great appeal: the Waters of Bologna.

For this reason, Canali di Bologna, which like Consorzi dei Canali di Reno e di Savena has worked to defend, preserve and develop the artificial waterworks of Bologna for more than 800 years, has organised and coordinated an initiative called "Blue Night" dedicated to the promotion of the waterworks' history, the underground spaces and the hidden beauty of the city of Bologna.

An annual event that adds a shade of blue to streets, underground spaces, buildings, museums and corners of a Bologna that is rarely seen. It's an explosion of light, unexpected visits, shows and magical scenery all aimed at highlighting the importance of water, with the objective of safeguarding and promoting the city's waterworks and underground heritage to its citizens and tourists.
Blue Night is a water festival. A night for all.

Businesses and the various partners of the initiative interpret the theme in a creative, unique way to offer the public a night of intense emotions, an evening when Bologna becomes a great stage where everyone is in the spotlight. Blue represents the colour of the soul, of deep feelings, the joy and pleasure of living, communication, safety and union, but above all it represents peace, the colour of cloudless skies and calm waters. Water as a source of life that purifies and regenerates, water as rain that adds vigour to fields and washes the streets, water as the mother of rivers and canals, water as fun.

The objectives of this event are

Notte Blu 2019

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