World Water Day

Every year on March 22nd we celebrate Water, an element that is synonymous with life

World Water Day is an annual event which was established by the United Nations in 1992.

On March 22nd of each year the member states of the United Nations General Assembly are invited to celebrate the importance of Water by promoting concrete activities in their respective countries.

In addition to the member states of the UN, since 2005 a number of non-governmental organisations have used this day as an occasion to raise public awareness of the critical current issue of water, focussing on the access to fresh water and the sustainability of aquatic habitats.

Canali di Bologna has participated in the international event since 2014, and every year offers the public an array of free initiatives dedicated to environmental safety issues complete with guided tours and conferences.
In fact, for the occasion our Technical Office uses its working tools to illustrate the activities performed on a daily basis to manage and defend the Bologna area, explaining how the consortia operate and take action in the event of water excesses or shortages.